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Zion Felix Biography 2024: Exploring the Journey of Zion Felix in Ghana’s Entertainment Scene and Career Overview

Zion Felix Biography 2024

Who is Zion Felix?

Zion Felix, whose real name is Felix Adomako Mensah, is a popular Ghanaian blogger, vlogger, and media personality known for his contributions to the entertainment industry.

What is Zion Felix known for?

Zion Felix is known for his online platform,, which has become a leading source for celebrity news, interviews, and entertainment updates in Ghana.

When and where was Zion Felix born?

Zion Felix was born on 7th May 1989 in Bekwai, Ashanti Region, Ghana.

What education background does Zion Felix have?

Zion Felix attended Serwaa Nyarko Girls’ Senior High School in Kumasi and later pursued a degree in Marketing at the Kumasi Polytechnic (now Kumasi Technical University).

When did Zion Felix start his website?

Zion Felix started his own website,, in 2011, initially focusing on entertainment news and events in Kumasi.

How did Zion Felix gain popularity?

Zion Felix gained popularity through his ability to connect with both local and international celebrities, securing exclusive interviews and providing an inside look into their lives and careers.

What topics does cover? covers a wide range of topics, including music, movies, fashion, lifestyle, and current affairs.

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Has Zion Felix received any awards?

Yes, Zion Felix has been nominated for and won multiple awards, including the Best Entertainment Blog at the Ghana Blogging and Social Media Awards.

How has Zion Felix contributed to the Ghanaian entertainment scene?

Zion Felix has contributed to the Ghanaian entertainment scene through his engaging content, exclusive interviews, and promotion of Ghanaian and African talent.

What is Zion Felix’s mission as a media personality?

Zion Felix remains committed to promoting and celebrating the talent and achievements of Ghanaian and African entertainers through his innovative approach to entertainment journalism.

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