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Yaw Dabo Makes International Agent Pound Fufu – Xavi Hildago, a director at World Sports Academy (WOSPAC)

Yaw Dabo Makes International Agent Pound Fufu

Yaw Dabo, the renowned Ghanaian actor and owner of the Yaw Dabo Soccer Academy, recently had the pleasure of hosting Xavi Hildago, a director at World Sports Academy (WOSPAC), in Kumasi. The purpose of Hildago’s visit was to observe the Justify Your Inclusion event organized by Dabo, which aimed to discover and nurture young football talents. However, amidst the busy schedule, Dabo took his guest on a unique cultural experience, including a visit to popular Ghanaian comedian Dr Likee on set, followed by an unexpected fufu pounding session.

The Justify Your Inclusion Event

The Justify Your Inclusion event, organized by Yaw Dabo, provided a platform for talented young footballers to showcase their skills and potentially earn a place in the prestigious Dabo Soccer Academy. It was an opportunity for aspiring players to demonstrate their abilities and catch the attention of scouts like Xavi Hildago, who hailed from the World Sports Academy.

Dr Likee and Ras Nene’s Influence

During their visit to Kumasi, Yaw Dabo took Xavi Hildago to meet popular Ghanaian comedian Dr Likee, known for his entertaining skits and humorous videos. Hildago expressed his fascination with Ras Nene, a well-known character portrayed by Dr Likee in one of his YouTube videos. The meeting with Dr Likee turned out to be an exciting collaboration, as Hildago was invited to join one of Dr Likee’s video shoots.

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A Surprising Addition

During the video shoot, Xavi Hildago, the Spanish football scout, showcased his versatility and adaptability by flawlessly executing a role assigned to him. The unexpected appearance of Hildago in Dr Likee’s video attracted a crowd of onlookers who were pleasantly surprised by the Spanish visitor’s acting prowess. The impromptu collaboration between Hildago and Dr Likee served as a lighthearted interlude during their busy day.

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A Cultural Experience

After a long day of sightseeing and exploring the vibrant city of Kumasi, Yaw Dabo and Xavi Hildago returned home to an authentic Ghanaian culinary experience—a fufu pounding session. Fufu, a traditional Ghanaian dish made from pounded cassava and plantains, is a staple food in many Ghanaian households. Yaw Dabo, known for his love of fufu, invited Hildago to participate in the food preparation process, highlighting the warmth and hospitality of Ghanaian culture.


Yaw Dabo’s encounter with Xavi Hildago, a director at World Sports Academy, brought together the worlds of entertainment and sports in a unique way. The Justify Your Inclusion event provided aspiring young footballers with an opportunity to showcase their talents, while the unexpected collaboration between Hildago and Dr Likee added an element of surprise and entertainment to the visit. Furthermore, the fufu pounding session exemplified the Ghanaian tradition of hospitality and cultural exchange. Yaw Dabo’s ability to bring people from different backgrounds together is a testament to his passion for nurturing talent and fostering meaningful connections within the global community.

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