WATCH: We Pay Men To Sleep With Us In Germany – Lady Cries Over Shortage Of Men

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We Pay Men To Sleep With Us In Germany – Lady Cries deeply

Love, companionship, and fulfilling relationships are fundamental aspects of human life. However, cultural dynamics and societal factors can significantly impact the dating scene and how individuals form connections. In a thought-provoking conversation with an African woman living in Germany, she shed light on a unique and challenging predicament faced by single women in the country.

According to her perspective, the scarcity of available men in Germany has led some women to resort to unconventional methods to find companionship. In this blog post, we will explore her perspective and delve into the complexities surrounding this issue.

Cultural Contrasts

The woman hails from Nigeria, where she explained that men typically approach women to initiate relationships. This cultural norm provides a sense of security and companionship for women, reducing the likelihood of feeling alone or unmarried. However, her experience in Germany presented a stark contrast. She suggests that due to a scarcity of men in the country, women find themselves in a challenging position, as they are seldom approached by potential partners.

Desperate Measures

According to her account, the scarcity of men in Germany has led some single women to resort to desperate measures to find love or companionship. She asserts that, in extreme cases, women have had to pay men to sleep with them. This startling revelation highlights the lengths some individuals are willing to go to overcome their loneliness and fulfill their emotional needs.

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The Financial Burden

Not only do women reportedly pay for the men’s services, but they also bear the financial burden of their travel expenses. It appears that even if transportation costs were covered, women still find themselves obligated to prepare meals for the men upon arrival. This added financial strain adds another layer of complexity to an already challenging situation.

Examining the Factors

Understanding the factors contributing to this unique predicament is crucial to developing a comprehensive perspective. While it is essential to acknowledge that individual experiences may vary, several potential reasons can explain the gender disparity in Germany.

1. Demographic Imbalance: Germany has been experiencing a demographic shift, with a declining birth rate and an aging population. This, coupled with migration patterns, could result in an imbalance between the number of men and women in the country.

2. Cultural Differences: Cultural norms and expectations regarding gender roles and dating practices differ across countries. These disparities can significantly influence how individuals approach relationships and interact with potential partners.

3. Urban Lifestyle: Germany’s urban areas, known for their vibrant and cosmopolitan nature, often attract more single individuals. However, with a limited pool of available men, competition among women may intensify, leading to unorthodox methods being employed to attract partners.


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The firsthand account of an African woman living in Germany sheds light on a unique dating challenge faced by single women in the country. The scarcity of men has reportedly led some women to resort to paying men for their companionship and incurring additional financial burdens.

While this perspective provides valuable insight into the experiences of certain individuals, it is important to remember that it may not represent the entire population. Understanding the cultural, demographic, and social factors at play is crucial to comprehending the complexity of this issue.

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It is our hope that by fostering dialogue and understanding, societies can work towards creating environments where genuine connections can flourish, and individuals can find love and companionship without resorting to extreme measures.

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