Update: Twitter Ads Revenue Sharing Paused? – What To know In 2024.

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What You Need to Know About Twitter Ads Sharing Paused Update.

Hey Twitter users! Some of you might have noticed that a “Twitter Ads Revenue sharing Paused “ Alert suddenly appeared on your notification on Twitter. But don’t worry too much! There’s a good chance it will come back after a review by the Twitter Team but I can’t say when.

Why Is This Happening?

Twitter Ads Revenue Sharing Paused Twitter wants to make sure everyone is playing fair and square. So, sometimes they hit the pause button on Ads Revenue sharing for some accounts. It’s not forever, though!

How to Bring It Back

If your Ads Revenue sharing is on hold, you just need to follow the rules and wait for a review by the Twitter Team. Be a good Twitter citizen, fix any issues, and they’ll likely turn the money tap back on for you.

Keep Tweeting: Money Still Adding Up

Even if your Ads Revenue sharing is paused, your tweets can still make you money. Keep tweeting interesting stuff, and your overall money-making potential will keep growing. So, stay active and keep sharing!

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Here’s a Screenshot related to “Twitter Ads Revenue Paused”

Twitter Ads Revenue Sharing Paused
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To be super clear, we’ve got a screenshot showing the pause on Ads Revenue sharing. Take a look to understand what’s going on. It’s Twitter’s way of being upfront and honest with you.

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You can visit the Twitter Help Center to fill a form for any other related issue or perhaps, create a new case.

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