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Telecommunications and Internet Services Disrupted in Gaza Once More as Netanyahu Insists on No Ceasefire Without Hostage Release

In Gaza, telecommunication and internet services are once again disrupted, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserting that there will be no ceasefire until hostages are released. The Israel Defense Forces have confirmed their ongoing operations against Hamas in northern Gaza.

Protests have continued globally for the fourth consecutive weekend since the conflict’s commencement, with many demonstrators demanding an end to Israel’s bombardment of Gaza due to growing concerns about civilian casualties.

Israel has faced mounting criticism following reports of airstrikes hitting a refugee camp and a convoy of ambulances in the past week.

On Saturday, U.S. President Joe Biden responded affirmatively to reporters when asked if there had been progress in persuading Israel to halt its strikes on Gaza, though he did not provide further details.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, has thus far rejected calls for a ceasefire, and he is also facing increasing domestic pressure, with protesters gathering outside his residence, demanding his resignation.

The Hamas-run Health Ministry in Gaza reports that at least 9,400 people have been killed, and tens of thousands have been injured in Gaza, while Israel has reported at least 1,400 deaths, primarily during the Palestinian militant group Hamas’ attack on October 7. The exact death toll remains unverified by CNBC.

U.N. agencies have warned that a disproportionate number of casualties have been women and children.

On Sunday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken left Jordan and is set to visit Turkey for further discussions on protecting civilians, providing humanitarian relief, and reducing regional tensions. Turkey has been critical of Israel and has called for a ceasefire, while also supporting a two-state solution.

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