SIKA official Survives Stabbing Incident, Suspect Identified Denies Allegation.

A surprising video has surfaced, believed to show the moments before a Ghanaian social media influencer and blogger,SIKA official was stabbed during a fight at a local pub with the renowned dancer, Dancegod Lloyd’s former manager. This has shocked many online, as the incident was intense and has left people worried and curious.

Who got Sika Official Stabbed?

Sika Official Survives Stabbing Incident, Suspect Identified Denies Allegation. Sika Official
Sika official survives stabbing incident, suspect identified denies allegation.

The targeted individual, identified as SIKA official, found himself in the midst of a heated altercation at a pub, culminating in a violent encounter that left him critically injured. Reports indicate that the alleged assailant, identified as Quables, is now a prime suspect in the ongoing investigation.

It is believed that that SIKA official was in a critical situation but is now getting better, which gives some hope during this tough time.

As word of the incident quickly spread on social media, people were fast to share their thoughts and worries. On X/Twitter, many users reacted with shock, anger, and support. They strongly condemned the violence and demanded that justice be swift.

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Alleged video of how SIKA Official got stabbed.

Here are some social reactions:

The SuspectGff3Vwzaqaa4Dpe Sika Official Survives Stabbing Incident, Suspect Identified Denies Allegation. Sika Official

The Suspect believed to be Quables, who is the Co founder /Manager of @dwpacademyworld denies the allegation and here is what he tweeted.

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I have seen posts and heard rumours about being involved in an alleged fight and stabbing. I want to unequivocally state that the news is completely false.” He went on to say state that: “I am strongly against violence and would never take part or encourage anyone to partake in the kind of acts I’m being associated with. And to those spreading these lies, please know that it is very irresponsible to toy with such serious matters of people’s safety.

His Tweets:

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