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Reason Behind The Arrest of Black Sherif at Kotoka International Airport

On the evening of July 19, 2023, popular Ghanaian musician Black Sherif found himself in an unexpected and unfortunate situation when he was stopped at Kotoka International Airport (KIA). The reason behind his detainment was later revealed to be a contractual breach involving a show he failed to honor in Greece on July 4. The incident has raised eyebrows and curiosity among fans and industry insiders alike.

According to a report by Kofi TV, Black Sherif was taken from the airport to the police headquarters in Accra due to a contractual breach related to a show he was supposed to perform in Greece. The artiste had reportedly been placed on a stop list following a complaint filed against him by a client.


The show in question was scheduled to take place on a cruise ship in Greece, and Black Sherif had been contracted to perform for a substantial fee of US$40,000. As per the terms of the contract, he was paid half of the agreed-upon amount upfront, with the remaining balance to be paid after the show’s successful completion.

However, it appears that the issue arose when Black Sherif failed to show up for the performance on the agreed date, July 4. This led to dissatisfaction among the organizers and attendees of the event, resulting in a complaint being lodged against the musician, ultimately leading to his arrest at the airport.


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The contractual breach and subsequent arrest could have significant implications for Black Sherif’s reputation and career. Not only has this incident generated negative publicity, but it also raises concerns about his professionalism and commitment to honoring contractual obligations.

For musicians and artists, their reputation is a crucial aspect of their success, and any tarnishing of that reputation can impact their future opportunities and collaborations. Fans and industry professionals will closely observe how Black Sherif handles this situation and whether he takes responsibility for his actions.

With Black Sherif’s arrest and the involvement of law enforcement, there are likely to be legal ramifications in both Ghana and Greece. Contractual disputes can be complex and may require legal intervention to resolve.
Depending on the specifics of the contract and applicable laws, the parties involved may need to negotiate a settlement or potentially seek recourse through legal channels.

The arrest of musician Black Sherif at Kotoka International Airport on July 19, 2023, has shed light on a contractual breach involving a show he failed to honor in Greece.

We will keep a close eye on further developments in this case and hope for a fair resolution for all parties involved.

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