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Rafael Leão rejects links to Saudi Arabia

Rafael Leão values playing in Europe than in the Saudi league

Rafael Leão values playing in the UEFA champions league than in the Saudi Arabian league

Portuguese international and AC Milan’s forward, Rafael Leão rejects any links of joining any Saudi Arabian club anytime soon.

Rafael Leão joined the Italian Serie-A side, AC Milan in August 1st, 2019. The winger has been a significant player in the AC Milan team, propelling Milan in winning the 2021/22 Serie-A league title. In the 2022/23 season, he played a vital role in the team performing well in the UEFA champions league while existing in the semi finals to an Italian club.

However, Rafael Leão has disputed any claims of joining the Saudi league.

“Saudi league proposal? For me, Champions League is worth more than €10 million salary”Rafa said.

Rafael Leão further iterated his ambitions of achieving greater heights with AC Milan.

“I still haven’t achieved great results to accept go to that league. I am focused on doing great things with AC Milan. That is why i signed new deal few months ago” Rafael Leão added.

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