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Profile of Failatu Abdul-Razak 2024: Age, Spouse, Offspring, Culinary Marathon, and Profession

Profile of Failatu Abdul-Razak 2024

Failatu Abdul-Razak, a distinguished Ghanaian culinary expert and emerging musician born on November 7, is renowned for her culinary prowess and advocacy against child trafficking. Exhibiting commendable dedication and resilience, Failatu, known affectionately as Faila, has established herself as a tireless go-getter committed to achieving her aspirations.

Early Years of Failatu Abdul-Razak as a musician?

Initially making waves as an Afro-Pop musician, Faila gained widespread acclaim for her hit song “Piibu Piibu” in 2016, which achieved household recognition and significant cassette sales. Beyond her musical achievements, Faila actively engages in charitable endeavors, contributing to causes such as anti-war initiatives.

Education level of Failatu Abdul-Razak

Educated at the esteemed Business Senior School in Tamale and later pursuing Integrated Community Development (ICD) at the University of Professional Studies (UDS), Faila’s academic background laid the foundation for her entrepreneurial success.

Profile Of Failatu Abdul-Razak 2024
Profile of failatu abdul-razak 2024

Who is Failatu Abdul-Razak married to?

Spouse: She is married to Lt. Reginald Ofosuhena Adjei since November 1, 2020, Faila is a private individual regarding her family life, with only limited information available about her one child. Unfortunately, she faced the loss of her mother on April 16, 2017, at Tamale West Hospital, and details about her father remain undisclosed.

Is Failatu Abdul-Razak the founder of Mickey’s Inn?

Yes, Failatu Abdul-Razak is the Founder and proprietor of Mickey’s Inn, a prominent continental restaurant in Tamale, established in 2017, Failatu Abdul Razak consistently delights patrons with exceptional dishes, attracting a steady flow of customers daily.

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What is faila current status?

Notably, Faila is currently undertaking a remarkable culinary feat, the Cookathon, aiming to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon. Commencing the challenge at Modern City Hotel in Tamale, she endeavors to surpass the existing record, demonstrating her culinary expertise and determination.

Profile Of Failatu Abdul-Razak: Age, Spouse, Offspring, Culinary Marathon, And Professional Journey
Profile of failatu abdul-razak

In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Faila actively contributes to the Ijbah Ghana Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting orphaned children. Through her restaurant, Faila and her team have brought joy and nourishment to many orphans, showcasing her commitment to philanthropy and community service.

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Profile Of Failatu Abdul-Razak 2024 Profile Of Failatu Abdul-Razak 2024 Profile Of Failatu Abdul-Razak 2024

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