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Heart Breaking: Pappy Kojo Disrespects Yvonne Nelson at Live Concert

In a recent event called ‘Planning and Plotting,’ Ghanaian rapper Pappy Kojo stirred up controversy that surprised everyone. “Pappy Kojo Disrespects Yvonne Nelson” during his live performance stated by one social media user on X.

People on social media are not happy about it, especially because Yvonne Nelson talked about their past in her book, ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson.’

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Pappy Kojo Disrespects Yvonne Nelson at Live Concert, why?

During the event, Pappy Kojo did things that people found disrespectful towards Yvonne Nelson. The details are still coming out, but many on social media are talking about whether it was right, especially in a public and professional place.

Yvonne Nelson wrote a book where she shared things about her past, including her experiences with Pappy Kojo. This has made what happened at the event even more important to people.

On social media, many people are saying Pappy Kojo was wrong for what he did. They think that he should be careful about how he acts, especially when it involves someone who has shared personal stories publicly.

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Because of what happened, some people are saying Pappy Kojo needs to take responsibility for his actions. Supporters of Yvonne Nelson believe that performers, like Pappy Kojo, should be careful and respectful, especially when dealing with people who have talked openly about their personal experiences.

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The ‘Planning and Plotting’ event has become a big topic of discussion because of Pappy Kojo’s Insult to Yvonne Nelson. This situation makes us think about how public figures should behave and be considerate, especially when it comes to personal stories that have been shared with the public. The aftermath of this incident is likely to keep affecting Ghana’s entertainment scene.

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