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Omari Kissi Jnr Set to Release Highly Anticipated Single “Morning Praise”

Contemporary gospel sensation Omari Kissi Jnr is generating immense excitement among his fans as he gears up for the release of his much-awaited single, “Morning Praise,” on July 12th, 2023. With this upcoming release, the talented artist explores the realm of afropraise for the first time, taking inspiration from Psalm 30:5, which proclaims that joy comes in the morning after a night of weeping. Omari Kissi Jnr’s new single aims to reflect on the unwavering hope believers have in God and celebrates His goodness and handiwork.

Following the tremendous success of his critically acclaimed debut album, “Anthems of God,” Omari Kissi Jnr has been eagerly awaited by fans around the world to unveil his next musical offering. Released to much fanfare, “Anthems of God” showcased the artist’s exceptional talent and spiritual depth, earning him widespread recognition within the gospel music industry. With his new single, “Morning Praise,” Omari aims to further captivate listeners and solidify his position as a rising star in contemporary gospel music.

The Inspiration behind “Morning Praise”

Omari Kissi Jnr Single &Quot;Morning Praise&Quot;
Omari kissi jnr newest single “morning praise”

Omari Kissi Jnr draws inspiration from the Bible verse found in Psalm 30:5, which serves as the foundation for “Morning Praise.” The scripture reminds believers that although they may experience moments of sorrow and weeping, joy will ultimately come in the morning. The artist masterfully intertwines this message of hope with his vibrant afropraise sound, creating a powerful musical experience that resonates with listeners on a spiritual and emotional level.

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A Celebration of God’s Goodness

At its core, “Morning Praise” is a celebration of the goodness and handiwork of God. Through his lyrics and infectious melodies, Omari Kissi Jnr invites listeners to join him in expressing gratitude for the faithfulness of God, who promises to come through for His children after moments of darkness. This uplifting and joyful anthem serves as a reminder of the unwavering hope and trust that believers have in God’s providence.

Omari Kissi Jnr’s Excitement and VisionSno 0250 Scaled Omari Kissi Jnr Set To Release Highly Anticipated Single &Quot;Morning Praise&Quot; Omari Kissi Jnr

In a recent interview, Omari Kissi Jnr expressed :

“I’m excited as I am nervous,”

the singer said in an interview, ” and he went on to say

 “but MORNING PRAISE will definitely have heads bobbing and feet dancing as I prepare to release “Morning Praise” to the world.”

Recognizing the impact and power of his music, the singer confidently stated that this single would undoubtedly make heads bob and feet dance. With a promising future ahead, “Morning Praise” sets the stage for an array of captivating songs that Omari plans to share with his audience throughout the year.

As the release date of “Morning Praise” draws near, fans of Omari Kissi Jnr eagerly anticipate the arrival of this highly anticipated single. With his debut album already making waves in the gospel music industry, Omari’s foray into afropraise with “Morning Praise” promises to be an exciting and enriching experience for listeners. Through his inspiring lyrics and infectious melodies, Omari Kissi Jnr invites believers to embrace hope, celebrate God’s goodness, and find joy in the promise of a new morning. Get ready to embark on a musical journey that uplifts the spirit and ignites a passion for praise and worship.

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