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Nollywood Star Soji Taiwo Celebrates Daughter’s 21st Birthday with Heartfelt Note and Brand New Car.

Nollywood star, Soji Taiwo, also known as Omo Banke, recently celebrated his daughter, Kofoworola, on her 21st birthday with a heartfelt note and a brand new car.

In a touching gesture, Soji Taiwo expressed his love and appreciation for his daughter, highlighting the special bond they share. He shared a video and a series of photos on his social media platforms, capturing the essence of their relationship.

In a heartfelt message accompanying the car gift, Taiwo wrote, “There is no better way to appreciate God for giving me such a wonderful daughter like you. The only way I could prove the fatherly love that you deserve is by presenting you with this little gift.”

He further encouraged his daughter, saying, “This is to inspire you to continue being yourself and always make me proud, my darling girl.”

Taiwo also emphasized the unwavering nature of his love for Kofoworola, stating, “Nothing will change the love I have for you. Take it with much love and happiness. Daddy loves you!”

The Nollywood star also shared a heartwarming caption on his social media post, expressing his love, pride, and support for his daughter. He wrote, “To my daughter, Princess Kofoworola Temitope Taiwo, never forget that I love you. I hope you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you.”

He added, “I can’t promise to be here for the rest of your life, but what I can promise is that I will love you for the rest of mine.”

Fans and well-wishers have joined Soji Taiwo in celebrating his daughter’s milestone, flooding social media platforms with congratulatory messages and well wishes for Kofoworola.

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