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Breaking News: Nico Williams’ Contract Release Clause Hits €58m

Athletic Club’s rising star Nico Williams has solidified his commitment to the club with a significant update to his contract, featuring a notable release clause of nearly €58 million. This development follows recent negotiations that concluded just weeks ago.

Athletic Club president, Uriarte, expressed confidence amidst growing interest in the talented forward, stating, “The interest is normal but Nico is very happy in Bilbao, we are very happy with him. We’re not worried.”

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Key Details:

  • Player: Nico Williams
  • Club: Athletic Club
  • Release Clause: Almost €58 million
  • Contract Update: Recently finalized
  • Club’s Perspective: President Uriarte remains optimistic about Williams’ future at the club despite external interest.


Nico Williams, known for his dynamic play and promising potential, has attracted attention from various quarters within the footballing world. However, Athletic Club appears resolute in retaining the services of the talented forward, emphasizing both his contentment and their satisfaction with his contributions.


  • What does a release clause mean? A release clause in a football contract specifies the amount of money another club must pay to buy out the contract of a player.
  • Why is Nico Williams’ release clause significant? A €58 million release clause reflects Athletic Club’s valuation of Nico Williams and acts as a deterrent to potential suitors, signaling their intent to retain him.
  • Will Nico Williams consider moving despite the release clause? While interest is normal in football, both Nico Williams and Athletic Club have indicated mutual satisfaction, suggesting a desire to continue their partnership.
  • How does a release clause affect negotiations? A high release clause can make it more challenging for other clubs to poach a player, potentially influencing the bargaining power in contract negotiations.
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