Nadia Nakai is finding it difficult to deal with AKA’s Death.

In a heartfelt interview with L-Tido on his YouTube podcast, rapper Nadia Nakai candidly shared her emotional journey since the devastating loss of her boyfriend, Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes.

This marks her first public discussion about the tragic event that shook the music industry and fans worldwide.

Nakai revealed the poignant moment when she last spoke to AKA, just minutes before receiving the harrowing news of his untimely passing.

Recounting the heart-wrenching conversation, she expressed how they exchanged loving words and playful banter over Facetime, unaware that it would be their final interaction.

The rapper disclosed the surreal moment when reality shattered her world, as AKA’s girlfriend, Azola Mon, broke the news of his shooting outside a Durban restaurant on Florida Road.

Nakai’s initial disbelief turned into anguish as she grappled with the suddenness and severity of the tragedy.

“I just thought he was shot in the shoulder, or the leg, but also I was like, what do you mean shot?” Nakai recounted, highlighting the shock and confusion that engulfed her upon hearing the news.

The immediacy of her response, fleeing the event venue and rushing to Durban, underscored the depth of her love and desperation to be close to him in his final moments.

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