Man’s Transatlantic Date Shocker: Man Arrives in Nairobi to Discover His Date Is Expecting A Baby

A man recently shared a rather intriguing tale of his most unforgettable dating mishap. It all began when Morris_KE, as he goes by on Twitter, responded to a discussion about people’s most cringe-worthy date experiences.

Morris_KE, who resides in Atlanta, recounted a peculiar dating escapade. He embarked on a journey from Atlanta to Nairobi in pursuit of a lady with whom he had been engaging in conversations for a while. In his quest to make this date special, he went the extra mile, reserving a table at a classy Nairobi restaurant, adorning it with fresh flowers, and even dispatching his chauffeur to pick up his date.

However, things took a startling turn when his date made her entrance. To his astonishment, the woman with whom he had been conversing during their “talking stage” arrived at the restaurant not just visibly pregnant but fully and unapologetically so.

Other News;Man'S Transatlantic Date Shocker: Man Arrives In Nairobi To Discover His Date Is Expecting A Baby

In another interesting story development, there are allegations linking Mustapha Haqg to the paternity of Wanneka Hair CEO’s child. It has been reported that 23-year-old Mustapha Haqg, a Ghanaian AgriTechpreneur and the mind behind the Okuafo App, is allegedly the father of the child of the 33-year-old Nigerian CEO of Wanneka Hair.

According to reports from GistMerchant, an online news blog, it is suggested that Nwaneka is the primary supporter of Mustapha in various aspects of life.

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