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“It’s all been about love and hate, but let me say I’m the biggest hater,” Kendrick Lamar spits at Drake.

In a recent song release that has sent shockwaves through the hip-hop community, Kendrick Lamar has once again ignited the flames of a longstanding feud with fellow rapper Drake.

The track, aptly titled “Euphoria,” sees Lamar boldly branding himself as Drake’s “biggest hater,” marking another chapter in the ongoing saga between the two prolific artists.

Lamar’s lyrical assault doesn’t hold back, targeting various aspects of Drake’s persona, from his mannerisms to his choice of companions.

The poignant lines underscore Lamar’s disdain, as he lays bare his grievances with unapologetic precision.

Notably, Lamar emphasizes that his sentiments aren’t his alone but rather reflective of broader cultural sentiments within the hip-hop community.

“It’s all been about love and hate, but let me say I’m the biggest hater,” Lamar spits, diving into a litany of criticisms.

“I hate the way that you walk, the way that you talk, I hate the way that you dress, I hate the way that you sneak diss,” he continues.

The track delves into nuanced critiques, including Drake’s relationships and their impact on perceptions of authenticity within the hip-hop landscape.

This isn’t the first time Lamar has stirred controversy with his diss tracks. Previously, he targeted both Drake and J.Cole on Future and Metro Boomin’s ‘Like That.’

However, “Euphoria” marks a significant escalation in tensions between Lamar and Drake, reigniting a feud that has simmered beneath the surface for years.

In response, both Drake and J.Cole have fired back with their own diss tracks, adding fuel to the fiery exchange.

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However, J.Cole later retracted his diss and issued an apology, highlighting the complexities of navigating the competitive landscape of hip-hop.

The ongoing feud underscores the competitive nature of the hip-hop scene and the willingness of artists to publicly spar for dominance and respect.

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