Minority shouldn't behave like hooligans — Dr Addison iterates

Bank of Ghana governor refuses to resign after all protest made against him

Bank of Ghana governor refuses to resign after all demonstration done against him

The bank of Ghana governor, Dr Addison has denied any allegations of wrong doings hence, refuses to step down as the substantive manager of the central Bank.

On the 3rd of October, 2023, the minority in parliament led a demonstration in order to force the governor of the bank of Ghana to resign. The minority in parliament are of the view that, every indicator has proven that Dr Addison is mismanaging the central bank which is positioning the economy in a very bad state.

However, Dr Addison on 4th October has defied all odds not to set down as the minority law makers had requested. He stated bluntly that, he had no intentions of resigning with all his deputies.

“The demonstration yesterday was completely unnecessary” he Stated.

Dr Addison further iterated the fact that the minority could have channeled their grievances through several means other than them choosing to go on the street.

“The minority (Mps) in parliament have many channels to channel their grievances in civilized societies, not through demonstrations in the streets as hooligans” Dr Addison added.

The governor took the opportunity to deny any wrong doings levelled against by the minority law makers in parliament.

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