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How Trump and His Allies Plan to Wield Power in 2025

During the inaugural rally of his 2024 presidential campaign, former President Donald Trump proclaimed himself as the embodiment of retribution, pledging to utilize the Justice Department to pursue legal action against political adversaries, beginning with President Joe Biden and his family. This public declaration unveils a series of strategies by Trump and his allies designed to reshape fundamental aspects of American governance, democracy, foreign policy, and the rule of law if he were to reclaim the presidency.

Many of these initiatives can be traced back to the final stages of Trump’s previous term, marked by a consolidation of power within his inner circle and the removal of officials who opposed his directives. Following his defeat in the 2020 election, Trump and his well-funded network of supporters have been actively working on policies, compiling lists of potential personnel, and constructing a legal framework, all in preparation for a potential return to the White House on January 20, 2025.

Although top officials from Trump’s campaign sought to distance themselves from certain plans developed by external allies, these initiatives align with Trump’s campaign promises, website content, and interviews with his advisers. Notably, Trump envisions using the Justice Department to pursue legal actions against his political rivals, a tactic he has openly endorsed on the campaign trail. This includes the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate President Biden and his family.

Another significant aspect of Trump’s potential second term involves an unprecedented crackdown on immigration, targeting millions of undocumented immigrants. This plan encompasses widespread deportations, the use of military funds for detainment camps, and the invocation of public health emergency laws to restrict asylum requests.

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Trump’s ambitions also extend to deploying U.S. military force domestically, particularly against drug cartels in Mexico. Despite legal constraints like the Posse Comitatus Act, which restricts the use of federal troops for domestic law enforcement, Trump’s team is exploring avenues, such as the Insurrection Act, to circumvent these limitations.

Furthermore, Trump and his allies are seeking to enhance presidential control over federal agencies, advocating for a maximalist interpretation of the unitary executive theory. This approach aims to centralize power within the White House, allowing for greater influence over the federal bureaucracy. Additionally, efforts to alter civil-service rules would empower Trump to dismiss federal workers and replace them with loyalists.

In the legal realm, Trump’s allies aim to appoint lawyers who align ideologically and are less likely to restrain his actions. This departure from traditional Federalist Society lawyers reflects a desire for legal gatekeepers who will be more amenable to endorsing controversial actions.

While Trump’s 2024 campaign remains vague on specific details and attempts to distance itself from certain plans, the overarching theme suggests a potential second term marked by a radical departure from established norms in governance, immigration, military deployment, federal bureaucracy, and legal oversight.

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