How To Get 5 Million Impressions on Twitter Easy To get Monetized for Ads Revenue Sharing

Once upon a time on Twitter, many people wanted to make money through ads, but there was a secret code to unlock – 5 million impressions in the last 90 days. Let’s explore how to crack this code and open the doors to earning on Twitter.

How To Get 5 Million Impressions On Twitter Easy 2034
Make money on twitter

How to Get 5 Million Impressions on Twitter Easy 2024

1. Post a Lot (Good Stuff):

Share stuff often, but make sure it’s good stuff. Interesting tweets grab attention, and when you keep posting good content, you can gather lots of impressions.

2. Use Pictures and Videos:

Add pictures and videos to your tweets. These are like magic that makes people stop and look. More people looking means more impressions for you.

3. Share Different Things:

Don’t stick to just one topic. Share different kinds of things. This keeps people interested, and the more people interested, the more impressions you get.

4. Add Hashtags (#):

Use hashtags in your tweets. They’re like little flags that make your tweets easier to find. The easier people find your tweets, the more impressions you’ll get.

5. Talk About What’s Popular ( Using the Trends)

Join the conversation about what everyone’s talking about. Trending topics bring more eyes to your tweets, and that means more impressions for you.

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6. Join Others’ Conversations:

Comment on tweets from popular accounts. Be nice and say something relevant. It’s like making friends with important people on Twitter, and your comments can add up to more impressions.

7. Subscribe To Premium :

Subscribing to premium will give you extra features like more text area, post edit features and it can help boost your reach as well.

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How To Get 5 Million Impressions On Twitter Easy 2034
How to get 5 million impressions on twitter easy 2034 to make huge money

Tip: If this seems tricky, you can book Bobby The Blogger for help. Just send him a message on WhatsApp at +233546021350.


Getting 5 million impressions on Twitter might seem like a big quest, but it’s possible. Keep sharing good stuff, use pictures and hashtags, talk about different things, and join in on popular conversations. If it feels too hard, Bobby The Blogger can lend a hand. With these tips, you’ll unlock the door to earning on Twitter, and your tweets will reach lots of people. Happy tweeting!

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