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Frank Naro’s Bold Decision to Run as an Independent Candidate for the Ejisu Parliamentary Seat 2024: A Courageous Leap with Both Risks and Rewards

Earlier this year, Frank Naro, a well-known Ghanaian actor and comedian, surprised many when he announced his candidacy as an independent candidate for the parliamentary seat in the Ejisu constituency in the upcoming 2024 general elections.

This unexpected shift to politics sparked widespread curiosity, leading many to wonder about the motivations driving Naro’s bold decision.

Frank Naro’s Courageous Move in the 2024 Ejisu Parliamentary Race

In a recent interview on the Uncut show with Zionfelix, Frank Naro shed light on the reasons behind his foray into politics. He explained that the governor of New Jersey, USA, played a pivotal role in influencing his decision.

Frank Naro
Frank naro

Naro credited his sister, Nana Ama, the owner of an African and Jamaican fusion restaurant in New Jersey, for connecting him with the governor and other influential political figures. This meeting served as the catalyst that propelled him into the realm of politics.

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During these discussions, Naro gained valuable insights from the governor about the intricacies of political navigation. The governor not only shared wisdom but also provided guidance on the potential path Naro’s political career could take.

Significantly, the governor and other political leaders suggested that Naro should consider running for the Ejisu parliamentary seat due to his family’s background in community development. Naro disclosed that the impactful contributions of his mother and uncle, Okese, within the constituency were highlighted as key factors that should drive his decision.

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Expressing his aspirations, the “Koom” crooner revealed his intention to advocate for the youth of Ejisu. He aims to channel his energy and vision into uplifting and empowering the younger generation in the area. This move aligns with Naro’s commitment to contributing positively to the development and progress of his community.

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Image 173 753X424 Frank Naro'S Bold Decision To Run As An Independent Candidate For The Ejisu Parliamentary Seat 2024: A Courageous Leap With Both Risks And Rewards Frank Naro
(image via getty/lia toby)

Surveillance footage from the night in question during Jonathan Majors‘ trial has been unveiled, capturing a scuffle between the actor and his then-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, followed by a dramatic foot chase.

While the court had previously maintained strict control over the evidence, the judge recently released crucial footage, including a significant video presented by the prosecution to support their case.

One pivotal clip displays the aftermath of the alleged altercation between Majors and Jabbari inside a stopped SUV on a deserted New York City street. The footage shows Majors and Jabbari outside the vehicle engaged in what appears to be a conversation, with Majors eventually embracing her.

Prosecutors argue that Majors then resorted to using physical force, attempting to shove Jabbari repeatedly into the Escalade. However, the attempt was unsuccessful, and Majors quickly breaks away, prompting Jabbari to pursue him.

The chase unfolds for several blocks before Majors manages to outrun Jabbari. After losing him, Jabbari encounters a group of strangers on the street, where they engage in a conversation, offering her support.

Majors eventually returns, passing by the group, and advises Jabbari to stay back. Despite attempts to communicate, Majors continues down the street, with Jabbari persistently following.

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The two eventually separate, with Majors spending the night at a hotel, and Jabbari heading to a nightclub.

The subsequent morning, Majors calls 911 reporting a suspected overdose/suicide after discovering Jabbari unconscious in his closet. Surveillance footage reveals Majors leading the police to Jabbari, who is found standing upright in his closet.

While this evidence has already been presented in court, it is now publicly available, shedding light on the events leading up to and following the alleged incident.

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