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5 Steps To Solve Facebook Page Not Recommendable Problem

Facebook Page Not Recommendable Solution – Are you dealing with your Facebook page not being recommended anymore?

You might have made your research but no solution but I have you covered.

You wake up one beautiful morning to check the insights of your page and reach seems to be reducing, you wonder “why?”… and then you check your page recommendation tab then there it is “Facebook Page Not Recommendable”.

Facebook Page Not Recommendable Solution
Facebook page not recommendable solution

It’s really tough when you’ve put so much work, time, and maybe even money into your page, and then one post or something else makes Facebook stop recommending it.

This means less people see your page, and you might lose followers.

But don’t worry too much! In this article, I’m going to share with you the steps I take to fix this facebook page not recommendable problem when it happens.

Facebook Page Not Recommendable Then Page Reach Reduces
Page reach reduces after facebook page becomes non recommendable

I’ll help you understand why it might be happening and show you what you can do to make your page recommended by Facebook again.

Facebook Page Not Recommendable Problem, why it’s happening?

If your Facebook page is not being recommended anymore, it usually means that Facebook thinks you’ve broken their rules.

They do this to keep everyone safe and decide that your page shouldn’t be suggested to others because of the things you post.

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Sometimes, Facebook will warn you. You should check the page recommendation area to see if there’s anything wrong with your page.

Growth At Risk Message Before Facebook Page Not Recommendable Status
Growth at risk message before facebook page not recommendable status

If there are warnings about certain posts, you should delete those posts. If you keep posting similar content, your page might continue to be not recommended by Facebook.

How to Resolve the Facebook Page Not Recommendable Status.

Here’s how to fix the issue when Facebook says your page can’t be recommended:

  1. Pick a New Page Admin: First, choose someone else to be the admin of your page.
  2. Make a New Page: Create a new Facebook page and give it exactly the same name as your current one, which is having issues.
  3. Start the Merge Process: Visit the website to begin combining your old page with the new one.
  4. Choose the Pages to Merge: Select your original page (the one with problems) as the page you’re merging from, and then pick the new page you created as the destination for the merge.
  5. Merge the Pages: Click on the merge button. This will transfer all your followers from the old page to the new one.

Remember, for this to work, both pages must have the same name.

If merging doesn’t work, it’s likely because of one of two reasons:

It’s either your current page has limits on it or perhaps the admin of the page is related to a business account, hence you would have to do follow this step rather.

How To Fix Facebook Page Not Recommendable Through Business Manager

Here’s a simplified guide to fix a Facebook page that can’t be recommended, using the Business Manager:

  1. Login to your and then make sure you have a new page with the same name as your old. Ensure that your personal account is an admin on both pages, if you haven’t created the page yet then;
  2. Create a Duplicate Page: Make a new Facebook page using the exact same name as the one currently flagged as “Not Recommendable.”
  3. Begin the Merge Process: Navigate to to start merging the pages.
  4. Select Pages to Merge: Choose your original page (the one with issues) as the one to merge from, and then select the new page you’ve created as the destination for this merge.
  5. Merge the Pages: Hit the merge button to transfer all your followers from the problematic page to your new page.
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It’s important to note that after merging, you’ll lose all the content and reach of the original page, but you’ll keep your followers and likes.

How to boost page reach after merging for free without running ads?

To increase the number of people who see your page on Facebook for free after merging pages, and without using ads, try these tips:

  1. Create New Content:Post new, interesting stuff that follows Facebook’s rules. Make sure it looks good and is easy to read.
  2.  Use Facebook Groups:Share your posts in Facebook groups. This helps more people see your content.
  3. Aim for Big Numbers: If your page can get 1 million people to see it in 28 days, it will start to get a lot more active.

If you need more help or have questions, there’s usually an option to contact support or submit a question directly on Facebook’s help section.

You can submit a question to me here via this questionnaire : [ Submit Question Here ]

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