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Everton Plays Sarkodie latest hit: Ghanaian Vibes Take Over Goodison Park

  • Everton Plays Sarkodie’s latest hit.

In a surprising move that delighted fans around the world, Sarkodie latest hit, ‘Otan,’ unveiled Everton Football Club’s showcased musical preferences in a recent TikTok video. This marks the second occasion where an English football club has chosen a Sarkodie track for their video content, sparking a wave of joy among Ghanaians.

 Sarkodie latest hit Song Played by Everton Against Tottenham

 Sarkodie Latest Hit
Sarkodie latest hit song – otan

The TikTok video, which captured highlights from Everton’s game against Tottenham, became an instant sensation. As the players showcased their skills on the pitch, the infectious beats of Sarkodie’s “Otan” provided the perfect soundtrack, adding an extra layer of excitement for fans.

Ghanaian supporters, in particular, expressed their elation on social media platforms, emphasizing their appreciation for Everton’s choice in promoting Sarkodie latest hit music. The comments section of the TikTok video overflowed with positive messages, with Ghanaians commending the English club for embracing and celebrating Ghanaian musical talent.

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This unique collaboration between Everton and Sarkodie highlights the global influence of music, transcending borders and uniting fans across different cultures. Everton’s initiative not only showcases the diverse interests within the football community but also demonstrates the power of social media in connecting people through shared passions.

Sarkodie, one of Ghana’s most prominent and internationally recognized artists, took to his own social media accounts to express gratitude to Everton for choosing his song for their video. The artist shared clips from Everton’s TikTok video on his Instagram and Twitter, acknowledging the football club’s support for Sarkodie latest hit songs and his music career

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This trend of English football clubs incorporating African music into their content reflects the growing influence of Afrobeat and African artists on the global stage. Fans are eager to see more collaborations between football clubs and musicians like this even though it is not official.

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