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Dancegod Lloyd Opens Up About Departure from DWP


In a recent interview, renowned dancer Dancegod Lloyd shed light on his decision to depart from Dance With Peter (DWP), a collective he co-founded with fellow dancer Quables.

Lloyd, known for his electrifying dance moves and captivating performances, revealed that while his time at DWP was instrumental in shaping his brand, he felt compelled to part ways.[the_ad id=”9198″]

“God used Quables to play a role in my brand,” Lloyd expressed, reflecting on the genesis of DWP. “We formed DWP and recruited people, I don’t know how to explain it but I had to leave. I had wished I didn’t leave but I had to leave.”

Lloyd’s departure from DWP marks a significant chapter in his career, as the collective garnered widespread acclaim for its innovative choreography and dynamic performances.[the_ad id=”9199″]

Despite the success achieved under the DWP banner, Lloyd’s decision to move on underscores the complexities inherent in creative collaborations and personal growth.

While Lloyd’s departure may come as a surprise to fans and followers of DWP, the dancer emphasized that his decision was not made lightly.

[the_ad id=”9199″]”It’s never easy to walk away from something you’ve helped build,” he remarked. “But sometimes, you have to trust your instincts and follow your own path.”
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