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Controversial Television Shows have the ability to prompt deep contemplation and reflection on moral matters?

The Power of Controversial Television Shows: Exploring Moral Rumination

Television shows have always been a subject of discussion, and controversial ones often attract attention due to their graphic or violent content. Critics argue that such shows can have a negative impact on viewers, normalizing violent behavior or desensitizing them to moral issues. However, a recent study published in the Journal of Media Ethics challenges this assumption and explores how controversial television shows can actually stimulate viewers to ruminate about moral issues and foster personal moral growth. In this blog post, we will delve into the findings of this study and shed light on the potential positive impact of morally ambiguous content.

Controversial Television Shows Have The Ability To Prompt Deep Contemplation And Reflection On Moral Matters?
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The Study

Conducted in the Netherlands, the study involved 162 undergraduate students with an average age of 20, of whom 60% were female. The participants were shown a segment from an episode of the critically acclaimed series ‘The Sopranos,’ which featured a graphic representation of rape. Afterward, they were asked to complete a questionnaire that assessed various aspects, including their liking of the character and the episode, their mental engagement with the storyline, and their agreement or disagreement with the choices made by the character.

Key Findings in 25 April 2019 shared with BiteScience

The study revealed several intriguing findings that challenge preconceived notions about the impact of controversial television shows:

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1. Moral Rumination and Appreciation

Participants who became more emotionally involved in the storyline were more likely to engage in moral rumination. In other words, the complex moral conflicts presented in the controversial content sparked a thought process that led to introspection and contemplation. Furthermore, this moral rumination was positively associated with a higher appreciation of the episode, suggesting that viewers valued the opportunity to reflect on moral dilemmas.

2. Shaping Personal Moral Perspectives

Interestingly, participants’ previously held beliefs on topics such as vigilante justice and punishment did not influence their engagement in moral rumination. This suggests that the exposure to morally ambiguous content can transcend personal biases and prompt viewers to consider alternative perspectives. By immersing themselves in the storyline, viewers were encouraged to explore different moral angles, fostering personal moral growth and potentially broadening their understanding of complex ethical issues.

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3. Triggered by Moral Conflicts, Not Character Concern

Contrary to popular belief, participants did not ruminate solely because they were emotionally invested in the characters. Instead, it was the moral conflicts presented within the storyline that prompted their reflective response. The study suggests that controversial television shows can serve as a “morality sandbox” where viewers can play with or test out moral concerns, enabling them to navigate the complexities of ethical decision-making.


The findings of this study shed light on the potential positive impact of controversial television shows and challenge the assumption that they merely normalize violent behavior. By providing viewers with morally ambiguous content, these shows create an opportunity for reflection and moral rumination, which can lead to personal moral growth.

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The implications extend beyond entertainment, as the study suggests that exposure to morally challenging content can contribute to the development of a more thoughtful and empathetic society. When viewers are prompted to consider different perspectives and confront moral dilemmas, it encourages critical thinking, empathy, and a deeper understanding of complex issues.


Controversial television shows have long been a subject of debate, with concerns raised about their potential negative influence on viewers. However, the study discussed in this blog post offers a fresh perspective. It reveals that morally ambiguous content has the power to engage viewers in moral rumination, encouraging them to reflect on complex ethical issues. Rather than normalizing violence, these shows can act as a catalyst for personal moral growth and contribute to a more thoughtful and empathetic society. As viewers navigate the intricate moral landscapes presented in controversial shows, they gain valuable opportunities to explore their own moral perspectives and broaden their understanding of the world around them.

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