Caroline Hitchcock Pioneering Study Takes Aim at Microplastic Pollution in Tennessee’s Wastewater

In a groundbreaking initiative, Caroline Hitchcock, a graduate student specializing in Tech environmental engineering, along with the expertise of Tania Datta, Ph.D., an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, and Justin Murdock, Ph.D., a distinguished professor of biology, have embarked on a pioneering exploration into the realm of microplastic pollution within wastewater treatment plants across Tennessee.

This endeavor marks a significant step in understanding and addressing the pervasive issue of microplastics in the state’s waterways.

The study, heralded as one of the first of its kind in Tennessee, sets out with dual objectives at its core.

Firstly, Hitchcock, Datta, and Murdock aim to establish standardized methodologies for sampling, analyzing, and detecting microplastics within wastewater—a crucial step towards comprehensively assessing the extent of microplastic contamination.

Secondly, the research team seeks to apply these innovative techniques to probe into the presence and distribution of microplastics within the intricate networks of wastewater treatment plants throughout the state.

Microplastics, minuscule plastic particles measuring less than five millimeters in diameter, have emerged as a pressing environmental concern due to their widespread presence in aquatic ecosystems and potential detrimental impacts on marine life and human health.

Despite the growing awareness surrounding the issue, the intricacies of microplastic pollution within wastewater systems remain relatively unexplored, particularly within the context of Tennessee.

Caroline Hitchcock, driven by a passion for environmental stewardship, expressed her enthusiasm for the project, stating, “Understanding the dynamics of microplastic contamination in wastewater is essential for devising effective strategies to mitigate its adverse effects on our environment and public health.”

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Tania Datta, whose expertise lies in civil and environmental engineering, emphasized the significance of the study, remarking, “By developing robust methodologies for microplastic analysis in wastewater, we can pave the way for informed decision-making and targeted interventions to combat this pervasive form of pollution.”

Justin Murdock, renowned for his contributions to the field of biology, highlighted the interdisciplinary nature of the research, underscoring the importance of collaboration in tackling complex environmental challenges.

“This study exemplifies the synergy between engineering and biology in addressing pressing environmental issues such as microplastic pollution,” stated Murdock.

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