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BREAKING NEWS: Messi apologises for Saudi trip

Leo Messi has posted an Instagram story after the sanction he received from PSG. The Argentine apologised for his recent trip to Saudi Arabia, explaining that he thought the side had days off as is normally the case.
PSG star Lionel Messi was recently in Saudi Arabia, travelling there after his side’s 3-1 home defeat to Lorient. Shortly after the encounter he flew to the Middle Eastern country to fulfill commercial commitments. Because of the trip, the Argentine missed training on the Monday, therefore sparking outrage amongst fans and his club alike. Tuesday was the side’s normal day off, meaning he was absent that day too, and Wednesday didn’t see the World Cup winner either, supposedly due to the same reason.Breaking News: Messi Apologises For Saudi Trip

In response to his actions, Paris Saint-Germain then suspended the player for two weeks, as the club had not officially given him permission to carry out the trip. As a result, Parisian ultras were seen to be protesting against him and teammate Neymar, promting yet questions over his future. As well as several reports confirming the Argentine will be leaving the French side this summer, this is the first official response from him.

He recorded a video message for his Instagram story, where he explained his lament for upsetting his club and teammates, culminating in asking for forgiveness from them. Messi also explained that he thought the side had been granted a day off, just like they usually had been by Galtier. Of course, this time this was not the case, which has ended up being the catalyst for the following apology:

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“Hello, I wanted to make this video following what has happened. I wanted to apologise to my teammates and the club. I thought we were going to have a day off after the game like had always been the case. I had organised the trip to Saudi Arabia and I couldn’t cancel it. I’d like to apologise to my teammates and I’m awaiting what the club sees fit”, he said on Instagram.

It remains to be seen what the Argentine will be doing come the summer and where he’ll end up, but one thing for certain is that he has not been in the PSG fans’ good books recently what with poor form, poor performances, and now this unauthorised trip to the Middle East. It appears to be the beginning of the end for the man from Rosario in the French capital.

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