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Assessing Trent Alexander-Arnold’s New Role at Liverpool: Will it Work Against Man City?

Assessing Trent Alexander-Arnold’s New Role at Liverpool: Will it Work Against Man City?

Trent Alexander-Arnold, Liverpool’s talented right-back, has been recently deployed in an inverted full-back role by Jurgen Klopp. This tactical adjustment has garnered attention and praise for Alexander-Arnold’s creative contributions. However, former Liverpool full-back Glen Johnson has expressed doubts about the effectiveness of this role, particularly against formidable opponents like Manchester City. In this blog post, we will delve into the inverted full-back trend, Alexander-Arnold’s suitability for the position, and whether it can withstand the challenges posed by top teams.

The Inverted Full-Back Trend

The concept of inverted full-backs involves repositioning traditional wide defenders to a more central midfield role. This strategic shift allows them to utilize their technical abilities and vision to influence the game from a different perspective. Pep Guardiola’s successful implementation of this system at Manchester City, with players like John Stones and Rico Lewis excelling in midfield berths, has inspired Klopp to experiment with his tactical approach at Liverpool.

Assessing Trent Alexander-Arnold'S New Role At Liverpool: Will It Work Against Man City?
Assessing trent alexander-arnold’s new role at liverpool: will it work against man city? || getty images

Alexander-Arnold’s Adaptation

Trent Alexander-Arnold has long been touted as one of the brightest talents in English football. Known for his exceptional passing range and crossing ability, his inclusion in the inverted full-back role seemed like a logical choice to maximize his creative potential. By stepping out of his regular right-back position, Alexander-Arnold has been able to showcase his offensive skills and contribute significantly to Liverpool’s attacking play.

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Glen Johnson’s Perspective

Despite the positive impact Alexander-Arnold has had in his new role, Glen Johnson raises concerns about its effectiveness against top-tier teams. Johnson argues that when players perform exceptionally well in their natural positions, they should be allowed to thrive there rather than being moved around. While acknowledging Alexander-Arnold’s technical brilliance, Johnson suggests that the inverted full-back role may be better suited against weaker opposition where offensive contributions are more valuable.

Challenges Against Top Teams

Johnson specifically mentions that the new role may not work against Manchester City and Manchester United, two teams renowned for their strength and tactical prowess. Against such formidable opponents, defensive solidity becomes crucial, and Alexander-Arnold’s positional change could expose Liverpool’s defensive line. While his offensive abilities are undoubtedly impressive, his defensive contribution and discipline might be tested against top-quality opposition.

The Future Outlook

Liverpool is set to refresh their squad in the upcoming summer transfer window, primarily focusing on the midfield area. Additionally, they are bidding farewell to Roberto Firmino, a significant loss for the team. When asked about potential replacements, Johnson expresses confidence in the existing squad, highlighting the talents of Darwin Nunez and the sensational abilities of Luis Diaz once he returns from injury. He believes that Liverpool possesses enough firepower and creativity to fill the void left by Firmino’s departure.

The inverted full-back trend has gained popularity in modern football, with managers experimenting to maximize the talents of their players. Trent Alexander-Arnold’s move into this role at Liverpool has showcased his creativity and passing prowess. However, Glen Johnson’s reservations regarding its effectiveness against top teams like Manchester City raise valid concerns. Striking the right balance between offensive contributions and defensive stability will be crucial for Klopp as he considers Alexander-Arnold’s role going forward. Ultimately, Liverpool’s success will hinge on their ability to adapt tactically and utilize their players’ strengths to overcome formidable opposition.

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