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Top 15 Affordable health insurance Companies In Australia

Looking for affordable health insurance can feel overwhelming, but it helps to know where to start.

This detailed guide covers 15 insurance providers in Australia that offer good value and quality health coverage. It’s a great resource to help you find a plan that fits your needs and budget.

Top Affordable Health Insurers in Australia

Affordable Health Insurance Companies In Australia

  • HBF

HBF stands out with its non-profit status, providing a range of budget-friendly policies. With over a million members, it offers customized plans including Basic, Silver, Bronze, and Gold options, each tailored to different healthcare needs and budgets.[the_ad id=”9198″]

  • Health Partners

As South Australia’s leading open health insurer, Health Partners covers over 90,000 members nationwide.

They boast an impressive 90% membership retention rate, reflecting their commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • nib

nib Group extends its reach globally, serving over 1.5 million people with comprehensive health and medical coverage.

They are notable for a 91% membership retention rate, emphasizing their reliable service. [the_ad id=”9198″]

  • Medibank

Medibank, a major player with a 15% market share, offers diverse hospital and extras cover options.

Their plans are reasonably priced, with average premiums around $160 monthly for a single policy. [the_ad id=”9198″]

  • Bupa

With a strong international presence, Bupa provides extensive health insurance solutions in Australia, focusing on affordable Basic Accident Only Hospital policies covering accidents and ambulance services.

  • CBHS

Another non-profit insurer, CBHS, offers varied hospital and extras cover options, holding a 4.3% market share and a 91% retention rate, showcasing their trusted services.

  •  AHM
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AHM caters to a broad audience with a market share of 2.3% and a 90% retention rate, offering comprehensive coverage plans tailored to diverse needs. [the_ad id=”9198″]

  • Teachers Health

Dedicated to educators, Teachers Health provides specialized plans with a 1.8% market share and a 90% membership retention, highlighting their targeted and reliable coverage.

  • Australian Unity

With a focus on community wellbeing, Australian Unity maintains a 1.6% market share and a 90% retention rate, reflecting their commitment to supportive health services. [the_ad id=”9198″]

  •  NIB (Reiterated)

Emphasizing their large-scale service, NIB serves over 1.5 million globally with a 12.6% market share and a strong retention rate, reinforcing their status as a top insurer.

  • Australian Seniors

Tailoring plans for seniors, this insurer offers specialized coverage that acknowledges the unique needs of older Australians, holding a 1.2% market share.

  • ACA

ACA offers robust hospital and extras cover options, with a market share of 0.8% and a solid retention rate, making them a reliable choice for many Australians.

  • Astute Simplicity Health

Focused on straightforward, no-fuss health insurance, Astute Simplicity maintains a 0.5% market share and a high retention rate, catering to those who value simplicity.

  •  Priceline Health Insurance

With a 0.4% market share, Priceline provides a range of hospital and extras cover options, aimed at delivering affordable and accessible health insurance. [the_ad id=”9198″]

  • Emergency Services Health

Exclusively serving emergency service workers and their families, this insurer offers tailored, comprehensive plans with a 0.3% market share and a 90% retention rate.

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Choosing the Right Plan

To effectively explore these options, use online comparison tools. These tools make it easier to find the best plan for your budget and needs.

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Whether you want a basic plan or something more comprehensive, these tools can help you find the most affordable options. [the_ad id=”9198″]


In Australia, there are many health insurance choices that suit various budgets and needs.

By looking into these 15 companies, you can find a plan that matches your money situation and gives you the coverage you need.

Take a close look, make careful comparisons, and pick the right health insurance to protect your health today!

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