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Google Adsense vs Ezoic : Which is Profitable ? – 2024 Review

In this review, I would like to say that these two platforms, Adsense vs Ezoic are absolutely amazing if you have enough traffic, if you are struggling to rank your website on search engines then read my guide on how to rank your website here.

Now to kick the ball rolling, I know you have been asking this question between Adsense and Ezoic, which is better? Well, I have your question answered here.

If you are new to Ezoic, here is what you need to know about them – History

So, back in 2010, there was this cool company called Ezoic. They showed up to help out folks who run websites, you know, those digital publishers?

Anyway, these publishers wanted to make more money from ads while also making their sites nicer for visitors. Ezoic figured out that if they made the website experience better for users, they’d also rake in more ad cash.

So, fast forward a bit, and Ezoic became a big deal worldwide. They’re like the pioneers because they were the first ones to use fancy stuff like AI and machine learning to improve websites.

For over 14 years now, they’ve been fine-tuning their tech skills and setting the bar high for the whole industry.

Whether it’s making websites more fun to use, giving publishers more control over their earnings, or just being there to help out whenever needed, Ezoic’s always been about making things better for everyone involved in the digital publishing game.

Historical Facts About Adsense in Case You Missed.

Google Adsense Vs Ezoic Review
Google adsense

Alright, let me break down Google AdSense for you. It’s this thing run by Google where website owners in their network can put up ads on their sites.

These ads can be all sorts of stuff: text, images, videos, you name it. And the cool part is, Google makes sure these ads match the content of the site and the people visiting it.

So, Google handles everything about these ads—like where they show up, how they look, and all that jazz.

And here’s the kicker: website owners can earn money either when someone clicks on an ad or just by having it seen (impression basis).

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Back in the day, Google even tried out this thing where website owners would get paid when people took certain actions after clicking on an ad, but they ditched that idea in 2008 for something called DoubleClick, which they also own.

Google rakes in a ton of cash from AdSense—like billions of dollars! In fact, in the first quarter of 2014 alone, they made a whopping $3.4 billion from it. That’s a big chunk of their total revenue!

Oh, and here’s a fun fact: AdSense is part of this program called AdChoices, so you might notice those triangle-shaped icons on some of the ads. And yeah, just like many online things, it also uses cookies to do its magic.

And get this, by 2021, more than 38.3 million websites were using AdSense. That’s a whole bunch of sites making money through Google’s ad game.

In 2023, Google Adsense announced a change in money generation via eCPM. The change took effect on 1st January, 2024.

What then is eCPM?

Let’s Chat About eCPM and AdSense.

eCPM is a handy metric for app publishers ( admob ) but is now available for website publishers as well through Adsense. to see how much money they’re making from their ad impressions.

It’s like knowing how much cash you’re earning every thousand times an ad shows up in your app.

Calculating eCPM is easy. You just take all your earnings, divide that by the total number of impressions, and then multiply by 1000. So, it looks like this:

eCPM = (Total Earnings / Total Impressions) Ă— 1000

Now, onto the cool news from Google AdSense! They’ve got this neat feature where you can earn money just by showing ads, even if nobody clicks on them.

It’s like getting paid for simply letting your users see the ads without them having to click on anything.

With eCPM keeping track of your ad revenue and this new AdSense feature, app publishers have more ways to make their apps profitable while keeping users happy. It’s all about making money from ads while giving your users a great experience.

Adsense vs Ezoic Review

So, here’s the scoop on Google AdSense vs Ezoic:

Google AdSense is like the OG of ad programs by Google. They’re open to all kinds of website owners, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve got tons of traffic.

You can slap their ads on your site and start making money, either by clicks or just by having them seen.

On the other hand, Ezoic used to be a bit pickier about who they let into their club. They had this threshold for website traffic, meaning you needed a certain amount of visitors before they’d let you in.

But then they switched things up. Now, anyone with a Google AdSense-approved account can join Ezoic, no matter if you’ve got zero traffic or a ton.

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The cool part about Ezoic is that they work hand in hand with Google AdSense. Once you’re in, they integrate their platform with your AdSense account.

This combo opens up even more opportunities to boost your revenue, thanks to programs like Google ADX or Google Ad Manager.

So, while AdSense is like the old faithful for all types of publishers, Ezoic’s got your back if you’re looking to level up your ad game, especially if you’re already rolling with AdSense. It’s like a tag team for maximizing your website earnings.

Importance of Google Adsense vs Ezoic?

When it comes to Google AdSense versus Ezoic, each has its own importance depending on what you’re looking for as a website owner.

Google AdSense is like the bread and butter of online advertising. It’s super accessible, allowing publishers of all sizes to monetize their websites easily.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve got a big audience, AdSense is there for you. Its simplicity and widespread use make it a go-to option for many publishers, providing a steady stream of revenue through clicks or impressions.

On the other hand, Ezoic brings a whole new level of optimization to the table. While AdSense is great on its own, Ezoic takes things up a notch by leveraging AI and machine learning to fine-tune ad placement and user experience.

This can lead to higher earnings and happier visitors, as ads are tailored to fit seamlessly into the website’s content and layout.

Plus, with Ezoic’s integration with Google Ad Exchange (ADX) or Ad Manager, publishers can access premium ad inventory and further boost their revenue potential.

So, in essence, AdSense is essential for its simplicity and accessibility, making it a great starting point for monetizing your website.

However, Ezoic adds value by offering advanced optimization tools that can significantly increase revenue and enhance the overall user experience.

Depending on your goals and the level of optimization you’re seeking, both AdSense and Ezoic have their own importance in the realm of online advertising.

Ezoic Approval Requirements?

Google Adsense Vs Ezoic Review
Google adsense vs ezoic review

When it comes to getting on board with Ezoic, understanding their requirements is key. They’ve made some changes recently to make it easier for websites to join their platform.

First off, they used to have this rule where your site needed at least 10,000 monthly visits to use Ezoic’s Monetization features.

But guess what? They scrapped that rule! Now, they’re not about putting limits based on page views. They realized that growing a site shouldn’t be about hitting some arbitrary number—it’s about quality and providing value to users.

So, while they’ve relaxed the pageview requirement, they still have some other things they look for. For example, your site needs to follow all the ad policies and quality guidelines.

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They’re pretty serious about this because they want to maintain a good relationship with advertisers and keep things legit.

Oh, and since Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner, they have to make sure your site plays nice with Google AdSense policies.

But here’s the twist—you don’t actually need to be approved by AdSense to use Ezoic for most sites. Original, constructive, and enticing content is a must, though.

Also, your site has to be in a language supported by AdSense, and it should be more of an informational, content-rich site rather than a straight-up corporate or e-commerce one.

But hey, if your site is a blog attached to an e-commerce site, they’re cool with that! Even corporate and e-commerce sites can still use Ezoic’s Leap tools as long as they play by Google’s rules.

So, while there are some hoops to jump through, Ezoic’s requirements aren’t too crazy, especially compared to before.

It’s all about making sure your site is legit, providing value, and playing nice with the big players like Google.

Now to answer your question:

Which is better, Adsense or Ezoic?

As of 2024, Adsense has seen improvements for publishers with moderate traffic, allowing them to earn through eCPM and clicks. Therefore, for new publishers, I recommend Adsense. However, if you meet Ezoic’s requirements, it could be a beneficial option for you.

Questions People Ask Me :

Can I jump on the Ezoic train without AdSense?

Absolutely! You don’t need an AdSense account to hop aboard with Ezoic. But remember, whether you’re using AdSense or not, you’ve still got to follow both Ezoic’s and Google’s ad policies to keep things running smoothly.

What’s the scoop on something better than AdSense?

Looking for alternatives? We’ve got you covered with the top 8 picks:

  • – Publift
  • – PropellerAds
  • – InfoLinks
  • – Monumetric
  • –
  • – Revcontent
  • – SHE Media
  • – BidVertiser

How much dough can I rake in with Ezoic for every 1,000 eyeballs?

Ezoic says you could be looking at $40-60 for every 1,000-page view. But hey, remember, there are tons of factors playing into your earnings.

What’s AdSense dishing out per 1,000 views?

AdSense is dishing out anywhere from $0.5 to $5 per 1,000 views in 2024. But hey, buckle up because this rollercoaster ride can be influenced by your blog’s niche, where your audience is from, and the nitty-gritty of your ads.

How long does it take for Ezoic to give me the thumbs up?

Once you’ve signed up, it’s integration time! How long that takes depends on your method of choice. Most folks are up and running within 24-48 hours. But if you’re eyeing that Google MCM approval (you’ll need it for monetization), expect to chill for 1-2 weeks.

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