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A Comprehensive Guide to 404 Monetization on Adsterra for Increasing Earnings!

New Way to Earn Money on Adsterra 2023/2024 through 404 Monetization, A Guide for Adsterra Users.

In the world of online advertising, maximizing profit is always a top priority. Adsterra, a leading ad network, understands this well and provides various means for publishers to generate revenue. One such method is by monetizing the often neglected 404 error page. In this article, we will explore how you can turn even mistakes into money with a 404 monetization strategy.

Firstly, let’s understand what a 404 page is. A 404 page, also known as an error 404 page, is an HTTP status code that indicates the server could not find the requested page. It is the page users land on when they click on a broken or unavailable link. Almost every website has a 404 page because errors and mistyped searches are inevitable.

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The key here is not to get rid of the 404 page but to leverage it for profit. The 404 page serves two purposes: retaining traffic on your website and extracting maximum value from that traffic. When a user encounters a 404 page, they are often frustrated or disappointed. By using an informative and engaging tone, such as a friendly apology or a humorous message, you can soothe their emotions and create a positive experience.

Furthermore, instead of letting users abandon your website after encountering a 404 error, you can seize the opportunity to offer them alternative content or options. This approach helps maintain a connection with the user, shows that you care about their experience, and increases the chances of conversions.

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A Comprehensive Guide 2023 To 404 Monetization On Adsterra For Increasing Earnings!
A comprehensive guide 2023 to 404 monetization on adsterra for increasing earnings!

Now let’s dive into the various methods you can employ to monetize your 404 page, particularly with the help of Adsterra.

1. Redirect to a Separate Placement:

While this method may seem aggressive, it is often the most lucrative. By using a ready-made code, you can redirect the 404 traffic to another placement. This allows you to track statistics and measure the results effectively. To implement this strategy, follow these steps:

  • – Obtain a direct link from your Adsterra Account.
  • – Write a JavaScript code for the redirect or seek assistance from your Adsterra manager.
  • – Insert the code into your 404-page template.

2. “Go Back” Button:

The “Go back” button is a popular feature on 404 pages. By combining it with a search bar, you can provide users with multiple options to continue navigating your website. For this method, you can utilize the Popunder ad format. Here’s how:

  • – Request a Popunder code with special settings for the “Go back” button from your Adsterra manager.
  • – Copy the code by clicking on “Get code.”
  • – Insert the code into your 404-page template.

3. Redirect to Your Website’s Main Page:

Redirecting users to your website’s main page is a common practice for 404 monetization. Again, the use of Popunder ads is recommended. The main page can be customized to suit your needs, such as including a search page or any other relevant content that can effectively capture the redirected traffic.

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In addition to these methods, there are several other ways to monetize your 404 page effectively:

  • – Place affiliate product links to earn commissions.
  • – Redirect users to one-time offers or special promotions.
  • – Include coupon codes to incentivize purchases.
  • – Redirect users to specific product pages that are relevant to their interests.
  • – Incorporate a website menu to encourage further exploration.

In conclusion, 404 monetization provides an excellent opportunity for publishers to make the most of their error pages. By implementing effective strategies and leveraging Adsterra’s features, you can turn these mistakes into money-making machines. So, don’t overlook your 404 page. Embrace it as a valuable asset in your monetization strategy and start earning additional revenue today.

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